Family alleges medical negligence after Hispanic woman loses her baby at King’s College Hospital

His sister Yusneiris in contact with Express News, expresses that pregnant Yaris Méndez Ramírez, 29 years old, is in the Maternity Unit with her baby still in the womb after 4 days after the creature was declared without vital signs at King’s College Hospital London.

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The relatives who request an urgent surgical intervention narrate that on August 19, she completed the weeks of gestation and the nurse, by checking her, was able to verify that the baby had no more space and a cesarean section or induction of labor was necessary.

Until Saturday the 24th at night, the baby continued to move, as can be seen in a video recorded by her relatives, but 24 hours later the doctors told Yaris that her baby had died.

Now it is being investigated whether inadequate medical care was given to the pregnant woman from the Dominican Republic, and what could have caused the loss of the unborn baby, hence the relatives request that a serious investigation be demanded to determine responsibilities.

Last year a British hospital admitted responsibility for the death of a stillborn baby three days after her mother’s complaints of fluid loss and severe pain were dismissed for bedwetting.

This has been considered the biggest maternity scandal in the history of the NHS (British National Health Service) 18 months after an external review was ordered into serious maternity failures in trust at Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital.

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Due to these actions and omissions that family members attribute to medical personnel, they are now demanding a similar investigation that may lead to the violation of women’s human rights.


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