London’s city hall. celebrating the amigo month.

On Thursday 6 more than 60 people participated in a photo ceremony at the new City Hall. Almost all the 25 Members of the London Assembly and members of the Latin, Iberian, Lusophone and Hispanic communities gathered for taking some pictures to celebrate the Amigo Month.

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Several Assembly Members sent some messages in written form or on TV, especially the Statutory Deputy Mayor of the London Assembly, Joanne McCartney, and the Chair of the London Assembly, Dr. Onkar Sahota.

The London Assembly is composed by 25 members: Marina Ahmad, Shaun Bailey, Elly Baker, Sian Berry, Emma Best, Andrew Boff, Hina Bokhari, Anne Clarke, Leonie Cooper, Unmesh Desai, Tony Devenish, Len Duvall, Peter Fortune, Neil Garrat, Susan Hall, Krupesh Hirani, Joanne McCartney, Sem Moema, Caroline Pidgeon, Zack Polanski, Keith Prince, Nicholas Rogers, Caroline Russell, Onkar Sahota and Sakina Sheikh.

We have many representatives of London’s largest ethnolinguistic minority. Many of them travel for very long distances, despite being disabled persons. We have Councilors Rosa Gomez (Redbridge) and Juan Tellerías (City of London), The Consulate of Peru , delegates from the Latin American House, the Chilean House, the Santo Tome and Príncipe House, the Portuguese-Speaking Community Centre, Voces Unidas (London’s main Iberian American trade union), LA United (UK’s main Latin business association), Aymara, Rimanacuy (Quechuas), and many other organizations, as well as members of different churches, and artists and community leaders from Brazil, Guinea Bissau, Chile, Santo Tome and Príncipe, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Cape Verde, Central America, Spain and Portugal.

We are very grateful with the participation of 4 TV stations and media companies (Express News, Notícias em Portugues, Extra and RT Vision).

After the ceremony inside City Hall, we did another one at the park, where we have several AM and dances. «Warmis» (women in Quechua) presented some Ecuadorian folkloric performances. Later on, we went to the Elizabeth Line to take pictures and videos, and to make toasts because it is the first UK’s line to have machines that can sell tickets in both Portuguese and Spanish, the main mother tongues of our community.

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We also want to express our support to the significant members of our community that work at City Hall in different areas.


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