The moment in which they vandalised the headquarters of Express News and Noticias em Portugués in London was recorded

Global Community Media’s headquarters (publishing house of the Latin newspapers Express News and Noticias em Portugués) woke up vandalised with paint on its entire facade. The vandal was recorded on camera at midnight this Saturday 20 of March.

The executives of the only Hispanic media that remains afloat, despite the COVID-19 crisis, have alerted the public on the consequences a growing wave of the Hispanic population in the UK’s denial of the pandemic has, along with those who have shown their disagreement on social media on mass vaccination of the entirety of the UK population.

“It is evident the annoyance that has generated in a tiny sector of the community because of the support that our media has given to government speeches every week that invite all ethnic minorities to respond to the call when they’re offered their doses. Insults calling our media ‘useful idiots’ and ‘information sheep’ are a common occurrence in social media where individuals hide themselves, often with fake accounts, persuading others without scientific support”, said William Pineda, Director of Global Community Media.

For Pineda, the lack of control in social media due to the spread of fake news, is worrying because it increases violent attitudes and practices that “target small and local newspapers that often do not have enough support to keep them afloat in these crisis and much less in reinforcing security measures”.

From Global Commnuty Media (Express News and Noticias em Portuguese), managers call for people to reflect on the hate speech that confuse others and fuel social polarisation. Moreover, the media has made the authorities aware of the video where the subject is caught vandalising the headquarters in order to carry out the respective pertinent judicial proceedings.


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